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  1. What's the absolute STRONGEST card trick you do? I mean the one that gets people to jump in shock. Remember, card tricks only. My favorite is called Through and Through. . Watch the girl on my right freak out!
  2. For me, it's Card on the Ceiling. The ceiling at the Bar/Restaurant I have worked at for the last 3 and 1/2 years has dozens of signed cards on it. It is about a 15 foot high ceiling, so that enhances the effect. Oftentimes people for whom I have done the trick come back and ask if I can do it for their friend or family member. It always captures peoples' attention to see those cards up there, and many times people will request that I put their card up there too. It is unlike any other card trick and plays big because the whole place can see it when it happens. It is the most requested trick and gets by far the best reaction.
  3. I personally would have to go with the Ambitious Card Routine. Very easy to understand that you put a card in the middle of the deck and it comes up to the top under increasingly impossible conditions.
  4. For me it's either Fully Loaded by Mark Mason or a rising card that happens in their hands. Super Fly is another great one that even plays great on stage. Those would be my top three.
  5. Well surprisingly...sometimes a simple force and good acting chops can win over any other effect ever made...just saying...
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  6. Honestly people love my sloppy triumph routine. They just cant wrap their heads around it. Ha. So easy yet so so powerful.

    Also, keep in mind the strength of any card routine is the acting, patter, interaction with the spectator, etc. I've seen some people devastate a crowd with an effect and I've seen others who don't put any effort into the exact same effect basically make a fool of themselves.
  7. If performed right two card monte is very powerful, I've performed a lot of card effects to this one friend, but she always asks me 'do that one where the two cards switch!' It gets great reactions for me :)
  8. The annoying, but correct answer, is "The one the performer puts the work into perfecting".

    I get a huge amount of mileage out of just jazzing with controls and palms. I'll open a card set with a line like, "I'm going to share a secret with you. When I hold a deck of cards in my hands, you don't know what's happening. I'll make sure it looks like you know, but you don't." Then I just make it up as I go - card to pocket, card under glass, CAAN, irreversible card, ACR, etc. That's how I secured a presentation at a major university.

    The trick I personally think is most powerful is one I haven't performed for many people yet. I call it A Psychic Game - a mixture of Out of My Mind and Reds and Blacks.
  9. Much to my personal annoyance, the card trick that I do that gets the biggest reaction is the self cutting deck (salt/ground rubber method). I understand why. They do all the work, I don't touch the deck. Still annoying since it doesn't involve anything that I have put countless hours into practicing and perfecting. But seriously, I have had the trick ruined a couple times because the spectator holding the deck dropped it out of surprise (pro tip, don't just hold their elbow, keep a hand under their forearm to help prevent that contingency).
  10. Pro-tip: Instead of getting annoyed that a simple trick gets better reactions than your complex tricks, make your complex tricks better.
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  11. This is an interesting thread.
    Simple and Direct when using cards has always been the key for me.
    I would argue that its more about the clarity of the trick and the performance, and keeping well clear of anything that seems 'Mathematical'.
    My top 4 card effects are:

    1. French Kiss by WH (If you have ever preformed this you know how much it destroys peoples brains)
    2. Out of this world (Pick a version, original i think is by Paul Curry however there are some great, much cleaner versions)
    3. ACAAN (Everybody loves this one)
    4. Triumph (Fantastic plot! That is easy to understand and impossible in the minds of our audience. I love how the audience feels it coming then BANG it happened before they know it. I have my own version of Triumph with a Killer ending - check it out on my Channel and let me know what you guys think!) - My Youtube Video! -

    All the best!
  12. Pokemon card to pocket/pokeball
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  13. I personally enjoy Asi Wind's AACAAN and Double Exposure.
  14. I personally get great reactions from cosmos 2.0, or a simple card to pocket routine, any trick can be strong if you put the practice and reasoning behind.
  15. Anniversary Waltz, but that requires a few gaffs obviously.
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  16. Ortiz’s Psychotronic Card our of Card Shark and anything by Ed Marlo gets crazy results and people are usually shocked if your presentation is on point. Also, check out Bill Malone’s stuff. If you can find them, Malone put out some dvds called Malone meets Marlo and it’s rad. It’s like 5 dvds!
  17. Omni Deck finisher to an ACR. Always get good reactions from it.

    The other is a trick I’m not sure what it’s name is or who I learned it from (still looking for it). It’s a ACR type effect where “magician in trouble” flips the wrong card on top (DL). Hand the wrong card to spectator and have them push it into the face up deck and while they hold on it is their card. I’ll post a video of it later if there was not enough information.

    Pretty basic but it kills laymen.

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  18. Really nice trick and performance @blackmarch103 !

    It's interesting reading the above. I found quite early on that my simplest tricks were the most impressive, so I worked on improving them further and now my little repertoire consists only of tricks which cause minimum suspicion for maximum effect. In fact my whole persona is that of someone not doing sleight of hand or anything sneaky and so my favourite is Favourite Cards of My Friends by Raphael Benetar.

    Most of the magic is done before they realise the trick's even started...
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  19. For me, probably the Biddle Trick or Chicago Opener.
  20. This is great!!!

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