Surprise Coming Soon?

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  1. J. Bayne said in a post today "something special coming soon" Where they had to update there systems for it. Just wondering what you guys think that might be? I believe that Calen Morelli is going to be involved somehow he said he was doing something in LA and in some of his videos it has a guy with a professional camera video taping his tricks. What do you guys think is coming to theory 11?
  2. While I certainly believe that a guy like Calen Morelli has enough talent to pull off more than one project at a time - He was creating/filming the Gaff System for Ellusionist in LA.
  3. lol when J. Bayne responded to my thread saying something special is coming, I was like "oh snap. Got to start saving up my money" lol. I was going to ask him but I know he won't tell me. But I am kind of excited :)
  4. Gaff system?
  5. OR. . . maybe they are going to do someting for the forum, like follow the encouragement I and others have made here in the past month or so?
  6. Look at E's Facebook page.
  7. I wonder what it could be.....the holidays are coming so I hope it is something big!
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    Not a surprise... ... surprises. Plural. Several of which represent our most ambitious magic and playing card projects ever. Literally - ever.

    Behind the scenes, our team has been working around the clock for months to make this happen. When you see all of it - any of it - everything will suddenly make sense. For now, I'll allow the mystery to remain.
  9. The Code by Andy Nyman for exemple? ;) Can't wait to see more than a sneak peek!!

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