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  1. What are the best table false cuts that is a close to a real shuffle at a casino or look natural?
  2. The Expert at the Card Table has some, as does Expert Card Technique. Some of these are touched upon on Jason England's Foundations DVD. I also highly recommend Arthur Buckley's Card Control. He has an entire chapter on table work that includes, cuts, shuffles, etc...

    I frequently use the cuts from EATCT as well as "The Gambler's False Cut" on page 78 of Expert Card Technique.

  3. The Rakinakis cut is lovely. It's detailed in a Lost Inner Secrets by Vernon under the heading "Vernon multiple false cut". It's also in Fast Company by Damian Neiman, and in the Castle Notebooks, volume 1. However, note that this isn't a straight cut but is meant to emulate a running cut instead.

    A straight false cut I've seen done beautifully is the scrape cut. It's detailed in a number of places (Forte GPS tapes, Weapons of the Cardshark volume 1, Shifts, Hops & Magic Passes by Richard Turner, and by Vernon I believe in Lost Inner Secrets as well). It's dead simple, but hard to do well.
  4. The best false cuts are the ones that the people you're performing for are used to seeing.
  5. Dai Vernon's Cold Deck Cut, Affas Gaffas Cut, The Gamblers False Cut all found in C.C. Volume 2 Chapter 25 "False Cut Technique Part 2"...

  6. Personally I think the push through combined with up the ladder is one of the best false table shuffle/cut combos you can do. Dan and Dave have a nice one and the ones from erdnase are great also.
  7. Charlie Miller's Up the Ladder is a personal favorite.

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