The casino con review with performance

Mar 26, 2024
Wow! I like this trick. But that’s just my personal opinion.
Why is that so? Well the amount of magic moments you get for one packet trick is amazing.
If you’re not familiar with the casino con, you have some jokers from various casinos and a poker chip. The participant selects a joker and they look at the casino the joker is from. Then you have them take out the poker chip and it matches the casino! Right after that you mix the jokers and deal them out. The participant has a hand of jokers. No surprise there. But when you show what hand was dealt to yourself, you reveal a royal flush! Not only that but the poker chip changes from $25 to $25,000

It truly is such a great effect that is its own little routine.
Check out my full review on the casino con and see what I loved, what I think could’ve been added and what I rated it out of 5 wands. Let me know your thoughts too! Hope you all enjoy :)

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