This is truly hilarious!

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  1. This woman's reaction to Michael Carbonaro's magic is the most entertaining reaction I've ever seen!

    What is the most entertaining reaction you have ever seen?
  2. Michael is so amazingly convincing and straight faced. The self control he has is superhuman!
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  3. Oh my goodness, this is so good! I really want to believe that reaction was real; can somebody please put my mind at ease?
  4. It says Tru TV. It can't possibly be not real.

    Regardless, the video was one of the most entertaining videos I have watched the entire week.
  5. The Carbonaro Effect is a hidden camera prank show that films people’s real reactions to Michael’s magic. The reaction you see is real!:)
  6. Fantastic, thanks for the reply! :)
  7. OK so the most entertaining reaction I have ever seen is the question? I am going to try not to make this sound like bragging, but it is the absolute truth. Years ago, I was performing on a cruise ship, it was cocktail hour and I was strolling. On the top deck, I began doing an ambitious card routine. A woman signed it and almost immediately started challenging me, comments like: "You didn't really put my card in the deck, Mr. Magician," "Let me see that card," "That wasn't my card," etc. etc. Then, she demanded to shuffle the cards.

    It must have been luck, because an idea came to me in a flash. I palmed her signed card off and as I handed her the deck I managed to get it in the side pocket of her blazer. There were about 20-25 people standing around and nobody seemed to see it, fortunately including her. She handed the deck back and said "Now make my card come to the top!" I snapped my fingers and said, "It's gone, your card has completely vanished." She grabbed the deck and was stunned when she looked through. "Where did it go?" she demanded. By this time I had edged back maybe 8 to 10 feet from her. I said, "Wait, maybe you should check your pocket. When she did, she let out a scream you wouldn't believe, and everybody went nuts! She exclaimed, "That's the greatest trick I've ever seen!"
  8. That is absolutely remarkable!
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  9. Congrats for making even such a "muggle" into a believer :) Thanks for the story, it was very entertaining!
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  10. Everything you see on TV is real ... even reality shows ... isn't it?

    (or maybe not...)

    But from what I've read about the Carbonaro Effect shows, they do insist the reactions are real. But they will sometimes set things up with some people, e.g. a "customer" in a store has actually been sent there by a friend to do a certain "errand", so that the TV crew can target a particular person that they already know about.
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