Thumb Tips and Finger Tips

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Do you use a thumb tip?

  1. Never leave home without it!

  2. Occasionally.

  3. Never interested me.

  4. Too nervous...

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  1. I recently ordered a new Thumb Tip and also decided to add a Finger Tip to the cart while I was at it. I just don't many effects that utilize an F.T and was hoping for some suggestions.

    Also, if anyone wants to list their favorite T.T. tricks or some sources please do. I have the Worlds Greatest Magic DVD on Thumb Tips (that include 1 or 2 tricks with an F.T.) and "50 Tricks with a Thumb Tip."
  2. My favorite trick with a TT is the vanish of a lit cigarette. Roger Klause said that the strongest trick you can do for a layman is the barehanded vanish of a lit cigarette. Of course, smoking is not that prevalent these days, especially indoors at public places, and I personally do not smoke. However, when I am working my bar/restaurant gigs, I often hear people say they are going outside to smoke a cigarette. That's when I follow. I make casual conversation and when their cigarette has been smoked down about a quarter to a third of the way, I ask if I can have it for a moment. I do a few sleights (vanishes and reproductions) with it, and then relaxing for a moment with a hand in one pocket, I steal the TT, come out with it, explain that I am going to show them how I kicked the habit once and for all, and do the complete vanish with sleeves rolled up. I can honestly say, nothing gets a stronger reaction. Although many laymen know about the TT, and may have seen the typical vanish of a silk, they just don't associate it with the cigarette vanish. There is just nowhere for them to go; it is complete unadulterated disbelief and astonishment.
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  3. Thank you for sharing! I used to put cigarettes in people's scarfs and vanish them when we were outside of the bar and they flip out! When cigarettes aren't around I've used lit matches but those don't even compare to cigarette vanishes.

    And you're absolutely right, people don't even suspect the use of a thumb tip when they are aware of their use for silk vanishes. It's such an underused tool.
  4. Torn and restored sugar packet. One of the best things I've ever seen was Magik Balay using a thumb tip to produce a full size pair of scissors.

    The finger tip is fun because even if someone knows about a thumb tip, they will be thrown off because they will be watching your thumb.
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  5. I can't imagine how that's possible O_O

    So should I reserve the finger tip for those types of spectators?
  6. I would use the finger tip when I can, depending on the utility of using it for the effect. As with anything, one method or another will work better for the effect.
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  7. Some of my favorite tt tricks would be the burnt and restored napkin and the card balance, very effective...
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  8. I use it for this little effect i have come up with. It is a permanent addition to my close-up show now.

    The Bit i am referring to happens starting at 9:00 in the following video. You are welcome to watch it in it's entirety for context ;)

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  9. Already watched twice ;)

    The thumb tip I picked up is the Classic Vernet, which is much too big for my thumb. I have really small hands, like Skeletor with an eating disorder. The tip is excellent though for the bill switch technique and may just save the Vernet for that effect.

    Never tried either. I'll keep them in mind!

    Thanks for sharing, guys!
  10. Too big like too long or too big like too loose?
  11. Too loose. I can send you a picture if you like?
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  12. Incidentally, a good tip (no pun intended) when doing vanish effects involving a TT, is to push the index finger into the fist right before pushing the thumb in, and then, after pushing the thumb in and stealing the tip, push the index finger into the fist one last time. This provides good misdirection, as they do not just see you pushing in with the thumb, which by itself is kind of awkward and unnatural, and the last thing they see is a finger pushing into the fist.

    I was also remembering a trick I used to do quite often that got a v nice reaction: Pour sugar into your fist and then when the hand is opened it has changed into a sugar cube. In those types of transformation effects, once again, even laymen who know about the TT are fooled.
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  13. Everything you said is gold! I always do that technique for stealing the tip or alternate with the Slydini steal. I really began to appreciate the deceptiveness of a thumb tip magic when I saw Paul Diamond do a tt pass with a black thumb tip.
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