What Camera Do You Use?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 5Aces1010, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Hello Theory11 members,

    Magic and card flourishing is become more digital as time goes on.

    I want to know what cameras you use and post a video of you using that camera.

    Personally I use a Panasonic FZ-35 but I am thinking of upgrading.
  2. I currently use a Sony HandyCam. Pros: It is very tiny and light weight. Fits nicely in the palm of your hand and people around you barely notice you even are recording. It is also inexpensive ($250 or so). Cons: Picture is grainy in dim lit rooms even using the LED mini light that is built in. Also the internal mic is horrible outdoors and picks up wind sounds easily.

    This is a great little camera for messing around and some home videos but if you are serious about filming magic or producing a DVD, you may want something better.
  3. Samsung HMX-Q10 : P
    the best camera I've seen in a long time. Full hd and portable. $300 at retail stores but got mine on sale for $250. Great deal for what I'm doing. I don't really film my self for magic but to get into short films.
  4. I use a Canon 500D.
    It's great.
  5. Sony Handycam
  6. I use a Canon Vixia HF M30. It shoots great HD up to 1080p, and the built in mic is decent. Also shoots well in low light.
  7. The cam I use is my friends Nikon D7000. Soon enough I'll be posting the promo vid we are shooting for me with it. It shoots beautiful video and can use a variety of lenses.
  8. although camera is important, the lens is the key to making quality shot
  9. Lighting is imperative as well. Outdoor lighting makes a huge difference on my Sony Handycam. I wish I had a better camera but that is what my wife bought me for X-mas and truthfully, I only make DVDs that need to be of high quality about once a year so it doesn't really warrant going out and buying $1,000 worth of lens, lights, microphones, green screen, etc. Oh well.
  10. Right now I'm investing in the Sony NEX-5. It has a full sized DSLR sensor, yet is the size of a flip. It has interchangeable lenses and the ability to add an external mic.
  11. Nikon D3100.
    My dad's not using so much these days.

    Planning on getting a Canon T2i for when I go abroad to Korea the following year.
  12. You could get the t3i instead.

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