What caused this face?

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  1. Hey guys welcome back to the Wednesday game day post.

    So, one of the oldest photos currently on my phone is this one 38740FA7-9D98-4E5A-AA65-83B76D7A3F42.png

    For those unaware this is Pete Carol head coach of the Seattle Sea hawks of the NFL. As you can see he his making an odd facial expression. The question this week is: “What caused him to make this face?” Remember, there is more than 1 answer. Anything goes as long as it’s magic or catfish related.
    Good luck and be creative!!!!!
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  2. While doing an invisible deck routine he realized he was holding a regular pack of cards.
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  3. He saw the tutorial of the sansminds effect he just purchased.
  4. He realized that he actually lost the card in the deck.
  5. He realized Nicholas Lawrence

    and Kevin Reylek


    were actually two different people...
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  6. MAN! I'm not going to lie I REALLY love that one.
  7. Haha thank you. I thought it was something even the best of us can relate to :D
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  8. Saw a Shin Lim performance
  9. His IT just snapped as he was hooking it up to the spectators borrowed ring.
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  10. He saw Penn loose 100 pounds

    He realized Teller could actually talk

    H̶e̶ ̶r̶a̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶a̶l̶l̶

    He sat down with the deck still in his back pocket

    He made the $100 Bill Disappear, just not sure where

    is wallet actually caught on fire
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  11. That might just be the single handily the funniest thing to ever come to existence in the history of civilization.
    Those were also hilarious.
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  12. He just sat and watched Jibrizy coaching a group of kids for that epic reaction.
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  13. He just performed the Anti Faro perfect for the first time.
  14. After a 50-yard touchdown play during the Super Bowl, he's staring at his quarterback in wonder, thinking to himself, "OMG, best pass ever!"

    (*However, his reaction has nothing to do with what happened on the field, but the card trick the quarterback did for him and the team on the sidelines after the touchdown).
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  16. He realized he had faro shuffled his svengali deck
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  17. I meant:

    He realized he had faro shuffled his stripper deck
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  18. He dropped his cards at class
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