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  1. I recently posted this video which is a cool visual of the 5 magicians/cardists that have had the biggest impact and influence on me and my style as a magician:

    I thought it would be interesting to see who everyone else's influences in magic are. List the five people that had the biggest impact on your style of performing. For example mine (which is slightly different from the video) would be:
    1. Gregory Wilson
    2. Dan & Dave (they count as one right? :D)
    3. Rick Lax
    4. Andrew Mayne
    5. Dan Harlan
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  2. It's hard to narrow it down just to 5, but off the top of my head it would be (in no particular order):
    1. Michael Ammar
    2. Dai Vernon
    3. Daryl Martinez
    4. Michael Vincent
    5. Paul Harris
  3. I influenced from Zati Sungur, world known Turkish magician about seventies. He published a magic catalog that contains hundreds of magic tricks. I bought that catalog and thumbed it for years. Although I could not buy any trick because they are somewhat expensive. There is a stage trick in catalog: "Vanishing Jeep". He actually vanishes a real Jeep on stage.

    I also have his one and only book named "Salon Oyunları" written in Turkish, contains explanations of about hundred magic tricks.
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  4. Book cover and posters of Zati Sungur:

    IMG_20160317_212354.jpg poster2.jpg poster.jpg
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  5. My biggest influences in magic, but all for different reasons (as my style is not similar to most of them)
    - Juan Tamariz
    - David Williamson
    - Fred Kaps
    - Roberto Giobbi
    - Michael Vincent
    - Dai Vernon
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  6. You are not prepared for a Giygas attack.

    My influences in magic are these two great entertainers:
    - Tommy Cooper
    - Doug Henning

    Tommy Cooper was more of a comedian than a magician, but his chaotic character and presentation made for a great show, on top of the fact that most of his material was botching up magic tricks. Sometimes he'd get you, but he was so hilariously unpredictable.
    His presentations got me into looking at EVERY magic trick and seeing how I can present them beyond their stock presentations.

    As for Doug Henning. He's a famous Canadian magician that I'm sure a lot of the experienced hats know of. His outward friendliness and ability to hust draw in his captive audience AND viewers at home was just amazing. He was taught by some of the greats and it shows! His warm character and presentation is a HUGE influence for me and partially what I want my character to be--sans the colorful outfits.

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  7. In no particular order, all 5 of these (or 6 depending on your point of view) inspired me to start magic, and influenced my performing style:
    -Shawn Farquhar
    -Penn & Teller (Counting them as one)
    -Shin Lim
    -David Copperfield
  8. I don't know... I think those colorful outfits might suit you. :p
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  9. 1. Jim Steinmeyer
    2. Marc DeSouza
    3. Robert Neale
    4. Roberto Giobbi
    5. Arturo Ascanio
  10. Such a huge list for me... but here are just some of them (in no particular order):

    -Eric Jones
    -David Stone
    -Shoot Ogawa
    -Matthew Garrett
    -Garrett Thomas
    -David Malek
    -David Bonfadini
    -Jeremy Griffith
    -Jack Murdock
    -Masahiro Yanagida
    -Michael Ammar
    -J.C. Wagner \
    -Tom Mullica \ RIP
    -Paul Daniels / :(
    -Dai Vernon /
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  11. I just read about Paul Daniels. The world of magic is a little darker today :(
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  12. I am far too amateur to list, intelligently, my influences. But Alex Elmsley is probably up there somewhere.
  13. -Tommy Wonder
    -Dai Vernon
    -Tom Stone
    -Guy Hollingworth
  14. 1. Dan White got me started magic
    2. Derren Brown got me interested in mentalism
    3. Paul Daniels
    4. Barry & Stuart (they count as one, right?)
    5. Dynamo
  15. Doug was the first magician I've ever seen (ages ago on TV as the guest star in the Muppet show ;) ).
  16. 1. Shawn Farquhar
    2. Dynamo
    3. Dan White
    4. David Blaine
    5. Calen Morelli

    Copperfield and Darcy Oake are huge influences on me but I can't quite give a performance yet that is close to their style. I'm working my way towards it though.
  17. Cool thread. Fun seeing everyone's influences.
    For me: Dean Dill and to a lesser extent Daryl.
    Also, I think Paul Harris' awkward/self depreciating style on those old A-1 tapes rubbed off on me.
    Have also studied Peter Sellers movies extensively and learned about crowd control and showmanship from watching Bob Barker on the N. American TV game-show The Price is Right. Turns out he's an amateur magician...

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