bicycle cards

  1. P

    Deck question

    I just bought 8 decks of Bicycle standard 2015 year of release and I was wondering if the cards would spoil over time if they were brand new and never opened. I mean, will there be a difference between the brand new Bicycle standard deck 2015 and 2021 (in feeling and quality not in the guarantee...
  2. Antonio Diavolo

    Which deck should I pick as my next every day carry?

    Hello everyone! I just realized that I'm down to my last few decks of Bicycle Elites, which have been my every day carry deck for the past couple years. Normally, I'd just order a new deck but for whatever reason, I've been considering getting a brick of Phoenixes instead. I have owned...
  3. Karo-K54

    How Long Does a Deck Last?

    I use bad quality, half-dollar, Chinese decks. They last around two months before they go stale... I want to buy a good Bicycle brand deck to do better flourishes and so that I don't need to invest in cards every once in a while. How long does a Standard Bicycle deck last? And what about "Bee"...
  4. PabloFreyG

    Are the Bicycle Standard Cards a one way back design!?

    I saw on the book " Encyclopedia of Card Magic" on the "one way deck" section that the standard bicycle playing cards are a one way design but anyone know where is the "mark"? Also if you didn't knew most of the bicycle decks are a one way deck: Guardians (The backgroud), Skull (there is a white...
  5. Winston (aka Mike)E

    Sealed Deck in Mnemonica Order

    Does anyone know where I can can find factory sealed red and blue Bicycle Rider Back, or Tally-Ho Circle Back that come in Mnemonica order? I have re-sealed decks in the past but it would save me a tremendous amount of time if they came in order. Thank you!
  6. Antonio Diavolo

    Has anyone actually had this happen?

    I hear this a lot when people list their favorite decks. Many say they always go back to Bicycles because they're common and people are less likely to think it's a trick deck. The thing is, I use various decks all the time (primarily bicycle) and the more skeptical people always think its a...
  7. J

    Scuffing on Bicycle cards

    Hello, I've recently started using a deck of standard Bicycle cards and after just a few days of usage one of my cards dropped on the floor. After J quickly picked it up, I saw little white spots on the suite of the card(it was a 10 of clubs) and I think that it's scuffed. Do you know, how...
  8. M

    Best Bicycle Playing Cards?

    What are your top 5 best bicycle playing cards? Going to a store today full of Bicycle Playing Cards and I'm just wondering what is the best Bicycle Playing Cards for magic?
  9. Yoshz

    Fake Bicycle Rider Back.....HELP ME, IS IT FAKE?

  10. I

    Are the standard Bicycle decks that T11 sells classic Rider Backs or the new Standards?

    Hello everyone, I had been a card magic/deck enthusiast for years and recently my passion for it was reignited. I've been going through my old collection, learning new tricks and flourishes, and just getting myself acquainted with everything new in the past couple years. Despite my decent...
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