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  1. The 4th Musketeer

    Books Recommendation

    Give me some advanced, imprumpto, gimmickless, card magic books! Thanks guys in advance❤️
  2. J

    New Jack Carpenter Book Released!

    Jack Carpenter has released a new book titled "Shadow & Shake" that is now shipping. You can view the video trailer here:
  3. M

    How does Richard Turner identity cards? / (when someone else shuffles)

    Hello i have just started learning how to do magic and the other day i watched richard turner and he said that he was a card mechanic not a magician so i don't know if im supposed to post this question here but i thought this was the best place.. so my question is how does he know where the...
  4. J

    Best intermediate to advanced card magic book that is no more than 25 dollars?

    I have been doing card magic on and off for around 8 years now and I have studied books such as Expert at the card table and Royal road to card magic almost completely front to back. I am looking for a bit more of a challenging book that has much more advanced and difficult sleights. Only...
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