1. JacobF4

    Hello there

    Hi Everyone, My name is Jacob. With COVID-19 challenges, it's been a bit more difficult to indulge in performing for humans face to face and consulting in other magicians outside of zoom. I recently got back into magic within the past year so it'd be awesome to get together and get to know...
  2. ClubFour

    Cardistry Correspondence

    So I've been in cardistry for about three years now and I've only met one other cardist here in Arizona. I'd like to branch out to the rest of the world and meet new people that I can jam with. I know that this is something others would like as well. You can dm me on Instagram @gregreyes874 or...
  3. E

    Helena Montana Magic

    Hello, I have been doing magic for just about a year and I would greatly like to meet some other people who are also interested magic. I live in Helena Montana, so I am literally asking if there is anyone who is part of this community that lives in Helena, or even Montana in general. I know...
  4. RichieM

    Utah Cardists Needed!!! I'm trying to start a cardist community here in utah.

    I am looking for some fellow finger flickers here in utah , to jam with and to develop the art of cardistry. whether you're a full time magician or just the occasional trickster practicing a small amount of cardistry can make a mundane trick look even flashier or at least build up some dexterity...
  5. Josh Mickelson

    Magic Community in Utah?

    I'm a young magician who loves the art of magic and I want to develop my skills, but I've been so far unable to find a magic community in Utah. Are there any fellow Utahns in the forums that can help me out in finding a group?
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