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  1. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Jacob.

    With COVID-19 challenges, it's been a bit more difficult to indulge in performing for humans face to face and consulting in other magicians outside of zoom.

    I recently got back into magic within the past year so it'd be awesome to get together and get to know some of you more in the community. I live in NJ so I can't seem to find anything that stands out but let me know!

    When all is said and done I was looking for any tips on how to get more involved again by attending Conventions, meetups and so on?

    Excited to meet you all :)

    -Jacob F
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  2. Hi Jacob, nice to meet you! It's cool that you found back to magic, what kind of magic exactly do you do?

    Personally, I've found these forums a really helpful place to find new information, get motivation and inspiration, and of course to get to know fellow magicians. The people you'll meet are incredibly knowledgable and friendly, and have helped me a lot since I came here.

    Still, nothing beats meeting other magicians face-to-face. You might want to check out Marc DeSouza, I believe he's from the NJ area.

    Have a nice day :)
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  3. Hi!

    Thanks for reaching out. I grew up following the forums and like you said: an excellent way to re-gain knowledge on the craft and get to know others magicians at all skill levels.

    I've taken a special interest in close up/parlor magic for years. Preferably tricks that look as visual as can be but simple. I used to do a take on 'street magic' and walk around down towns performing to strangers. Still trying to re-gain that type of confidence although now a bit more grown I'd like to get a grasp performing on a cooperate level!

    I actually was on a zoom meeting/lecture with Allen Zingg earlier this week and thought I saw Marc in there! Wonder if he contributes to the forums sometimes! hmm
  4. If you have a Genii subscription, you can have a look at Jim Steinmeyer's columns; he teaches some excellent parlour magic (@RealityOne can give more information on that).

    Wow! I tip my imaginary hat to you, sir. How long did you do magic before taking a break?

    That's great! Sadly, I've never seen Marc around here, but I believe I once heard that he hosts meet-ups in his house from time to time (I could be mistaken on that).
  5. I'm from around Princeton and there isn't much in this area. I think there is a SAM or IBM ring up in Edison and there used to be on in Hightstown. I also believe there is one in South Jersey (Cherry Hill or further south). You can check the IBM or SAM websites.

    There is a M.A.E.S. convention in Cherry Hill every September. I haven't heard that whether this year's convention is cancelled.

    You also might want to check out the Smoke and Mirrors Theatre which is in Huntington Valley (north of Philadelphia) to see some good performances -- unfortunately it is closed currently due to COVID-19.

    Marc DeSouza actually lives in the Philadelphia suburbs out by Valley Forge. He hosts lectures in a theatre he has in the basement of his house. I was a regular attendee back when I worked in Philadelphia. If you are interested, let me know in a "conversation" (private message) and I can provide you with some details. His lectures have been suspended due to COVID-19 but hopefully will start up again sometime. You can see at least the stage if you can find the on-line lecture Marc did for SAM.

    I've never seen Marc on any forums... he is much more of an "in person" guy.

    QUOTE="Scodischarge, post: 507067, member: 208255"]look at Jim Steinmeyer's columns; he teaches some excellent parlour magic (@RealityOne can give more information on that).[/QUOTE]

    Wait... what gave you that impression? o_O Just because 2/3rds of my show is based on his material.... :cool:

    Jim's Conjuring columns are great and are mostly parlor or stage. Some of his other books are primarily illusions but have some gems tucked in there. There is also a lot of good material in Tarbell for parlor and stage and I'd recommend learning a lot of the "classics" like linking rings, cups & balls, etc.

    You could spend a lifetime just reading the back issues of Genii and Magic that you get with your electronic subscription. The search function isn't that good and the interface is awful, but it is worth finding a lot of gems.

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