1. M

    MASTERS OF MAGIC WORLD TOUR 2022 will be back LIVE!

    Dear magic friends, we are pleased to announce the 20th edition of the most innovative magic Convention of the world!!! 26, 27, 28, 29 MAY 2022 - TORINO, ITALY THE MAGIC COME IN THE HEART OF THE CITY! A few minutes from the principal bus and train stations. THE LOCATION: MASTIO DELLA...
  2. JacobF4

    Hello there

    Hi Everyone, My name is Jacob. With COVID-19 challenges, it's been a bit more difficult to indulge in performing for humans face to face and consulting in other magicians outside of zoom. I recently got back into magic within the past year so it'd be awesome to get together and get to know...
  3. D

    Extra Magic Live Ticket

    Anyone interested in going to Magic live in Vegas? I have a ticket but would most likely miss it due to another conflicting trip. If you are interested, I can transfer the ticket to you for 80% of the tix price.
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