1. T

    Magician Wins Every Time trick

    The 'Magician Wins Every Time' is a coin toss trick by Steven Daniels. It's pretty cheap but you have to buy a double sided coin seperately. For $3.95, is it worth the cost?
  2. Derek Humberson

    Shin Lim making an awesome fan

    Came across Shin Lim doing this double fan. Looks like he is springing the cards from a faro shuffle, then using his thumb and and pointer finger to hold the cards like a rifle fan. I've never witnessed this move anywhere. My jaw on the floor. Here is the link...
  3. V

    "Let me see the card", double lift help.

    Hi! So when I title this double lift, I don't need help with the actually double lift, I need help after it. You see, the whole point of the double lift it to make the person think that the card your holding is there card, but almost everyone I show, asks to see the card, and you can see where...
  4. kittytenders

    Need to figure out what trick these are

    I saw the Blaze the Offical Movie by Les French Twins and he did 2 tricks where he turned a flame into a full rose and then duplicated it. Id like to know what trick these are called?
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