1. The 4th Musketeer

    Catching cards during a waterfall source!

    Does anyone happen to know any good source (preferably books) for how to catch specific playing cards during a waterfall (basically what Jason ladanye does every video). I know that most of this is estimation but I would like to read more about it. Thanks in advance!
  2. Y

    Cellphone inside ball of yarn?

    Hey y’all so recently Damien was on bgt and did the cellphone inside ball of yarn routine. Damien: Dan White: and it reminded me that Dan White did a similar effect on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and I was just wondering if someone could reference a book or DVD for the same effect?
  3. Vince-Dany-Chris


    Hi guys, in this last 2/3 months, I've started looking for tricks that fool magicians(I'm enlarging my repertory of this kind). I know, someone will tell me that most of the tricks, if well presented and executed, can fool a magician, and I know that's true. But what I'm talking about is that...
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