1. Theexpanse

    Is my fy fan going good

    I want to know if my fy fan is good and if it isn’t some tips
  2. OveRide

    Gold monarchs quality

    Hey guys, I recently got a deck of gold monarchs and they felt really good out of the box, and they fanned really well, but then once I went back to it after a week or so, all the cards were stuck and weren't able to come iut of the tuck case..once I managed to get them out and I tried to fan...
  3. L

    Riffle Fan - Need help with pressure

    I know that most tutorials will say that it's something I have to figure out for myself. But is the pressure needed to do the riffle fan just under? Or is there pressure from above also? Also, does the speed of the spread have anything to do with the stability so the cards won't fall while...
  4. Maaz Hasan

    Fanning Powder

    Salve me amigos! I'll keep this short Question A: Who actually uses this stuff? (Seriously though?) Question B: Does it work/ does it work on specific decks? Question C: Is it worth it for how much it costs?
  5. lolhammertime

    Riffle fan tips?

    Hello! I recently learned the riffle fan, and I'm hoping some of you could spare some tips? When I perform the riffle fan, it only fans halfway... Not a full circle fan unlike most others. Can anyone help me get it to a full circle? Thanks in advance!
  6. lolhammertime

    Any tips on preserving the finish of playing cards?

    It's kinda sad though, that for some reason, cards clump up and lose their finish way faster for me than other people. I've tried washing my hands before using and pretty much every deck loses its finish in 2 weeks (3-4 weeks for Tally-Ho and Bee) and can no longer fan. I don't really like the...
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