faro shuffle

  1. K

    How to one-hand faro shuffle?

    I can do the charlier cut and hold the half packs with the index finger in between just fine. It's the upcoming parts that are the problem. My most recurring problem is that when I try to interlace the packages, the leftmost one will open too much and the right pack will slide itself entirely...
  2. scottbaird

    UNDO Two (original card trick)

    Hello all, Just felt like sharing a new card routine that I put together for myself. Crediting the method- it combines a special Faro shuffle that I use in some of my own original work with the Undo Influence Control, created by Simon Aronson and explained in depth in his book, Try The...
  3. Scodischarge

    Table Faro Applications

    Hi guys, I've heard a lot about the table faro and set out to learning it myself, as it's a really cool move to do. But I have one question: Apart from stacking the deck, what can I actually use it for? Thank you for your input!
  4. lolhammertime

    How to do a faro cascade with an old deck of cards?

    Hello readers! I really love the faro cascade flourish, it just looks beautiful. What I've noticed, though, is that old decks of cards can't cascade (sometimes it can, but it's really hard), it just falls down in one huge chunk instead of one-by-one even with a perfect faro. And I don't want to...
  5. M

    Need help with Faro shuffle!!

    I started learning out faro 2 weeks ago and I have ruined 2 BRAND new decks during this practice.. I am learning the faro from Dvd implausibilities by Hudson Taylor where he faros from the edges. All my cards(bikes) are spliting and bending.(something like a crimp).. What can I do? Ufff.....
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