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  1. scottbaird

    The FUJ Shuffle

    A faro card control, the FUJ Shuffle (Faro Utility Jog Shuffle), from The Hermit Magazine, by Scott Baird. In the video I produce the card, but it can be a secret control, or a peek. Some notes: - No pinky breaks are held - The selected card is always under your control despite the true nature...
  2. scottbaird

    5 Things I learned starting an online magic business

    Hi gang! I've recently started an online magic magazine that launches on January 1st, and thought I would share some of the things that I learned on this journey: 1. Everyone's already got a project When looking for contributors for the magazine, I realized magicians are busy people! Some of...
  3. scottbaird

    Rubik's Nap by Scott Baird

    This is my own take on a Rubik's cube solution effect. It's published in The Hermit's FREE pilot issue for those who'd like to learn it (check out the links in my signature). It uses one regular Rubik's cube. Title credit goes to Henry Harrius' Rubik's Nightmare, and Rubik's Dream.
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