1. pit820

    How can I get the most from magic books?

    TL;DR I want to get the most from magic books as I think I'm going about using them wrong and I'm not finding them very helpful. So I've been doing magic for a few years now and I like to think myself as reasonably experienced. When I work I do close up, mainly with cards. And I've dabbled...
  2. Antonio Diavolo

    Teaching People Magic?

    If a spectator asks you to teach them a magic trick, do you? I almost always do. Usually this isn't when people ask "how do you do that?" it's just when they ask "can you teach me a trick?". It usually seems to come from a place of genuinely wanting to learn something cool to show their friends...
  3. Wkirk1467

    Theory11 app

    How useful would it be if Theory11 had an app. It could keep track of all of your videos, orders, and refills. It could update you on your shipments and forum replies/posts. You could have access to incredible magic with just a click. Thoughts?
  4. pugz

    French Magic Sources??

    So I have heard, and so have most, of the Spanish School of magic (methodology, Psychology etc). And I can see why people love it. But I personally have fallen in love with watching French magicians and their styles. I was wanting to know if anyone could list me some English sources of French...
  5. Deadlyapples

    New to card Magic - Learn all use some?

    Couldn't really think of a better way of titling this post! I am a beginner card magician. I am about 2 months in and loving it. I used to do juggling when I was a bit younger, and play the drums, guitar etc and love hand and arm dexterity things. I am also very much a fidgiter. Always doing...
  6. A

    Do you need to perform magic or know magic tricks to be a magician?

    I love magic, I practice it but I don’t perform, I really don’t think I will ever perform. I am a student of magic both read and watch everything I can; I love reading essays and am very academic in my learning and love of magic in how the tricks work and the theory behind each trick. I attend...
  7. dschon

    The best way to learn magic?

    I've been doing magic for six years and I often find it hard to learn new effects or sleights that I am interested in, even after all of this time. This was especially difficult when I was first starting. With this in mind a few fellow students and entrepreneurs at Northeastern University are...
  8. MichaelS11287

    How I look after 9 months of Cardistry

    Junior year kicked in, so my activity on here abated, but I'm glad that there's always something being discussed that I can jump back into. I made this video as a sort of "progress report" after learning some cardistry for 9 months (I hail from card magic so I had a rudimentary foundation)...
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