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  1. Nerv

    The Expert At the Card Table Help

    Hello! I received my copy of the expert at the card table today! But i can not understand the "technical terms section". Can anyone show me how the in- jog and the out- jog works? And by the "top card" or the "first card" is it the side where the card are facing the sky in dealer's grip( the...
  2. N

    Sharpie Magic... Thoughts?

    Hello all, I just posted a brand new video on my YouTube channel (link below) featuring some Sharpie magic that I created. I wanted to make the video entertaining so I put a lot of emphasis on the production value. I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts. Thanks for checking it out! Cheers
  3. N

    College Kids React to Magic!

    Hey everyone, If you're interested in getting your magic fix in, I got just what you need... hopefully. I just posted a brand new video on my YouTube channel of me walking around my college campus and performing magic. It isn't just your run of the mill performance video, I made sure to slip...
  4. 3bery

    How Has Magic Changed Over Time Through The Use Of Film & TV?

    Hi guys, I'm a 3rd year university student studying film production in the UK and I have to do a research module. I'm researching 'How Has Magic Changed Over Time & The Use Of Magic Throughout Film'. I was trying to get a lot of primary research and opinions from you guys, don't limit...
  5. CJK

    Question to Become a Better Magician #2

    Any magician have preference for their magic act. Some prefer talent and practice sleight of hands and study flourishes. Others wish to do more impossible feats and use gimmicks. There are as well the balance who bring equal amounts of both. When you perform, I understand you can't bring every...
  6. M

    Magic Castle Audition Guidance

    Hello! I am 16 years old, and I have been practicing magic on and off ever since I was a kid. It has always captured my attention, and I just absolutely love magic. I've been back at it again for the past two or three years. I feel like it's just about time for me to audition for Magic Castle...
  7. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Talent Show Help!

    Hello guys I just wanted some advice on a talent show coming up on Oct 27th the winner get $250 I am a card, closeup, and mentalism kinda guy about 3 yrs exp I have about 20 mins to perform I was thinking since i be doing this in front of a relatively large audience (it's at a restraunt) I...
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