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  1. M

    MASTERS OF MAGIC WORLD TOUR 2022 will be back LIVE!

    Dear magic friends, we are pleased to announce the 20th edition of the most innovative magic Convention of the world!!! 26, 27, 28, 29 MAY 2022 - TORINO, ITALY THE MAGIC COME IN THE HEART OF THE CITY! A few minutes from the principal bus and train stations. THE LOCATION: MASTIO DELLA...
  2. Tristan Magic

    Virtual Impossible Prediction by Tristan!

    Hello everyone! I'm happy that I released my new effect "Virtual Impossible Prediction". It's a mentalism routine for online shows & performances. A new method to achieve the cleanest prediction you've ever seen... It's similar to the master prediction as a mindset, but the method is...
  3. Y

    Organizing a magic routine and show

    Hey guys I’m new to theory 11 and I am really excited to be here! I’ve been recently working on a card magic show and workshop charity event that I am running at my local library for December 15. I’ve been getting more serious in card magic (not as a career though) and am wondering how I should...
  4. Tristan Magic

    Music for Magicians / Magic Show Music

    Hello to everyone! I'm very happy seeing my Music being used more & more by Magicians! I made a video with the most popular pieces: Also, a list with Magic Music pieces: I hope you enjoy them! Many thanks!
  5. GrahamHorgan

    My First Kids Show

    So a school would like me to perform a magic show in a few weeks for an age group from 10 to 14 years old. This will be my first ever show. I would appreciate your thoughts on my tricks for the show. I want to say also that I don't have lots of tricks like 10-12 as I'm still a beginner and to be...
  6. N

    Magic for College Kids

    Hey all, A while back I put up a thread with one of my YouTube videos of me performing magic for some College Kids (if you haven't seen it yet definitely check it out). Just recently I put up PART 2 (link below). Between the two videos there was a sort of message that I wanted to convey about...
  7. Henrymaji

    Magic tricks videos

  8. Henrymaji

    New magic tricks show Henry Maji

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