1. A

    Can mentalists actually guess numbers/words using body language, expressions, cues & suggestions?

    I've recently been looking into Lior Suchard and his performances like guessing PIN numbers or names. He doesn't claim to have any supernatural/psychic powers (e.g. he can't read thoughts directly), but instead uses body language, facial expressions & non-verbal cues to guess what number...
  2. Antonio Diavolo

    Does anyone have a Secret Tannery wallet? If so, what do you think of it?

    I've been looking for a decent peek wallet to use as my every day wallet for awhile now and keep bouncing between different options but most of them don't seem suited to being used as a real wallet. The few that I have found aren't really my style or I don't like the peek. The one I keep coming...
  3. C

    Remember this trick?

    Im looking for a very old video of a "mentalist" magic trick and i dont remember who performed it. This video im searching is very old (maybe 80's, definitely before 1997-1996) It goes like this: There is the "mentalist" and two spectators and a ring. The medalist starts off and tells the two...
  4. Mindseer

    No Plastic Campaign

    Buenos diaz amigo, I am Gavin Adam, 28yo, I am a professional Mental performer. I need suggest from you guys. On march, 8th 2020 I will perform magic for no plastic campaign, I little bit confusing to choose any tricks for my routine. EO of the event want me to put message in my performance...
  5. A

    Billet Knife

    Hey guys. I'm trying to buy a billet knife. I want to do a card to soccer ball effect. The only one that I've seen online is the poor boy billet knife Does anybody who own it know if the knife if it is strong enough to cut a soccer ball or if it would work for the effect that I'm trying to make...
  6. Arif Ammirul

    Impromptu mentalism.

    I've been reading a few books on mentalism but most of them are for stage performance and set-up tricks. Is there any good mentalism effects where people can just come to me and say"Hey magic man! Do a trick for us" and that i would be prepared even without preparing anything before hand?
  7. L

    Where to start?

    i want to learn mentalism, but I realize it's difficult and takes time. My ultimate goal is to be able to do slight of hand and work tricks using people. I must start somewhere, So where do I start and which way path should I go towards? Thank you Ps. I will be running through the thread for...
  8. A

    Blindfolded Drawing Duplication?

    8 years ago a mentalist pulled off the craziest drawing trick on me at a new years party. He did the quarters in eyes duct tape blindfold. I then drew a picture on a notepad (8.5x11 in size), tore off the page and crumpled it into a ball. He held the ball over his head and guessed the picture I...
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