1. Paper Cinema

    I made a cardistry short film! PARALLAX Trailer

    Feedback? The final video will be released soon!
  2. Josh Burch

    Pencil Through Bill

    Here's my take on pencil Through Bill. https://www.instagram.com/p/BnRQckplHlC/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1wex6l1j5u3hl I showed this video to my family, they were like, "Yeah, we've seen you do that before." While the response was underwhelming, I'm still pretty proud of it. (please...
  3. Solomon

    Have You Seen These Sleights Elsewhere?

    Hi all! So I created some sleights/tricks independently :) However, I'm pretty disconnected from the magic community and don't really know what's out there, so I'm not certain these are properly original. Would you kindly take a look at this video and tell me if you have seen this material...
  4. M

    Original or Original Variation?

    Hello everyone, I have had a control in the works ever since January of 2014, but I just recently started refining it about a month ago. I hadn't seen it anywhere and still haven't to this day. However, a friend of mine brought it to my attention that an aspect of the control is similar to...
  5. CJK

    Which is Yours and Which is Not?

    I come up with many card tricks in my head. I put some performances on Youtube and sending some to Theory 11's Market. But, sadly my tricks are denied. How can you tell if your tricks are original or similar to another trick?
  6. E

    Original Trick!

    I have been wondering if my trick is original or it has been published already? This is the trick: You show a spectator a deck of cards, or you borrow a deck. You have them select a card or multiple cards and then you lose it in the deck (for real). Then you can have them shuffle the deck if...
  7. lolhammertime

    Is my original flourish good enough to publish?

    Hello guys (and girls probably) I'm planning to release an original flourish on The It's a sequence called "snake" that starts off in a triangle display, then a square display, then a werm-like display (note that it's much different from the werm), and an aerial in the end. I need some...
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