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  1. Caleb the Magician

    Harry Potter cards!

    Just got my Harry Potter playing cards and was wondering if anyone wants me to make a deck review on them. I got twelve decks 3 of each color/house. I ordered 4 and i won the other 8. Let me know if i should. (My YouTube channel)
  2. Y

    Uncut Sheets

    Hello there, I recently thought about using my elite points to get the Red Titanium Uncut Sheet from the Archive. I ordered it, however when I go to my orders section, I found a small writing saying it's a download. Does that mean that I will only be getting the download version of the uncut...
  3. D

    Playing Card Moderation

    This will sound weird, but how do you guys moderate playing card usage? How long do you use a deck of playing cards before you open a new one? Do you use cheap cards, or do you buy expensive premium ones like the cards sold on this website? If you buy a brick of cards, (like a 12-pack of...
  4. A

    Qualities of playing card.

    There are various types of playing card qualities like retails and casino.I dont understand what does each of these qualities does.And what about the other card qualities for LPCC or other printing companies.Anyone cares to explain to me,I will be deeply appreciated.
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