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  1. The Budding Artist

    Color Change

    Hello! Does anyone know the name of this color change?
  2. The Budding Artist

    Card To Mouth

    Hello! I am working on a card to mouth routine;however, I having problems. Essentially, when I put the card in my mouth it comes out soggy and quite gross. Is there a way to avoid this? I’ve seen other magicians do it, I just don’t know how. Thanks!
  3. The Budding Artist

    HELP Needed: Clipshift

    Hello! I am have an issue with the clipshift. Is their a private way to message me on Theory 11? (I don’t want to reveal it in a public form.)
  4. A

    Shin Lim inspired act!!!!!!!!!

    Hey guys, let me know your thoughts on this 2 min act.
  5. Karo-K54

    Shin Lim's Teaching

    Shin Lim is one of the most revolutionary card magicians according to my opinion, but I haven't heard a lot of good about his teachings. I'm not talking about the big stuff, like Dream Act and 52 Shades of Red, but his other products like IV, ShinSplint and Spellbound. I wanted to buy...
  6. SamTheMagicMan

    Gone Deck Versus Travelling Deck 2.0

    Hi. I was wondering what you guys think is a better trick. Gone Deck by Sin Lim or Travelling Deck 2.0. I have purchased Travelling Deck but I was considering getting Gone Deck instead. I read some reviews and found out that Gone Deck requires a bit of construction for the gimmick. I...
  7. Maaz Hasan

    Best Deck Switch?

    Hey guys! Recently, I've been super intrigued by deck switching tools. I have Shin Lim's Flash Deck Switch 2.0, and have not yet used it in a performance outside of my friends and family, but I find it works very well. I have come across many Deck Switch methods, and everyone thinks one...
  8. C

    How tough are Shin Lim P magic products to perform???

    How difficult is shinanigens Dvd and 52 shades of red to perform and it is suitable for close up magic.(audience 1m away). I am 14 and started with card magic 2 yrs ago. I have learned a lot from dvds like How to do street magic, crash course, born to perform and ninja. I know it will be hard...
  9. P

    Velvet texture

    Hey. This is a question for people who has watched Shin Lim's at the table lecture. The mat he uses in the lecture has a very off pattern texture. I was wondering what this type of velvet is called and what to search for. I have tried crushed velvet, but that seems to bee just wrinkled velvet...
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