“Mini Deck” by Michael O’Brien & Ray Wickham now available!!!

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  1. Check out “Mini Deck” HERE:


    Mini Deck by Michael O'Brien & Ray Wickham.

    Imagine having multiple spectators choose cards from a miniature deck. The cards are lost back into the pack and with just the blink of an eye suddenly the entire deck transforms into a regular full sized pack of cards! The magician snaps the deck and out pops out a group of miniature cards, the ones chosen by the audience! The deck can be fully examined and even be used to lead into your next effect!

    Mini Deck is a perfect opener as the deck remains undisturbed during the entire routine, allowing you "Nemonica" users an opportunity to ring in a clean deck in a very fun and clever way!

    Mini Deck is Also perfect for the strolling magician as it does not require any sort of table top or surface to work with!

    In addition to the Mini Deck tutorial, you will learn a very fun and clever deck switching utility that will allow you to do some pretty incredible and invisible switches, again sans-table!

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  2. I'm Not going to lie, I can't remember the last time something fooled that bad!
  3. I’ll tell you the secret... it’s actually pretty easy to figure out if you watch the first part.....

    They are twins... fooled me too the first time!

    Oh... you meant the trick??? Haha why thank you good sir!
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  4. I haven’t bought the trick yet, but it looks really nice.
    I was just wondering; do I have to buy a miniature deck (in which case, from where?) or do I make it myself (in which case, how expensive will it be?)?
  5. Ill PM you ;)

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