1-on-1 Review: Chris Kenner's ThreeFry

Sep 1, 2007
Hey Guys,

I got this recently and thought I would share my thoughts on it.

The Routine/Method
The routine is slightly different to the one explained in 'Totally Out of Control'. This change has (I'm assuming) been made to make the effect ideal for beginners, it does however mean that the final climax is no longer there. Considering the market this video is being aimed at however (people using this one trick to learn a few basic pricinples of coin magic) I think this is completely justified, and if you learn the video version first then turn to the printed explanation to learn the kicker you won't have much trouble adapting to the slight method change.

The vanishing sequence is fairly straight-forward, only one knacky bit but nothing that a bit of practice can't conquer; they do however look really sweet (as you can see from the preview video. The reproductions are much simpler but also very impressive, I like the coin split a lot, it's a really surprising production. All in all I think this is certainly one of the better vanishes and reproductions of a number of coins.

The Video/Teaching
The video is a quicktime file in widescreen format. No complaints in quality, you can see and hear everything fine. Dana Hocking's music is playing throughout, I must say, that though it is good, it is at time quite loud relative to Chris' talking and can be a little distracting though, it is however hardly a major problem. Chris himself does a fine job of teaching. He goes over all the moves in a good amount of detail; enough such that you will have no doubt as to what is going on, but he doesn't spend ages hammering small details of each tiny little step as is frustratingly often the case these days it seems. I really don't have any complaints about the teaching.

Value for Money
You are only getting one routine of course, but it is a very good one which will give you the oppurtunity to practice a couple of fundamental coin techniques in a nice routine, and at $4.95 you really can't go wrong. Make sure however that this is not hte only coin product you get, everything is explained well, but you will find the routine a lot easier if you already have a basic understanding of coin techniques.

Meh, I'm tired so I'll leave it there. All in all I'd say it's a good buy and certainly worth the (small amount of) money.

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