1-on-1 Triple Shuffle Review

Oct 6, 2007
The triple shuffle is an awesome shuffle and definatly worth adding to your collection. As JP says in the video the spectator gives you credit for shuffling the deck 3 times in a cool way. The triple shuffle is very cool but also very difficult and sorry Joel but you could have done a way better tutorial. A shuffle with such difficulty needs a certian level of detail. I understand you kind of have to "figure it out for yourself" but I can think of more than a few key points to the shuffle that were left out. Overall the shuffle is great but now knowing how to do the shuffle corretly I wish I dident have to discover these key factors on my own, I mean , isnt that the reason for the 1 on 1? Bottom line rating the triple shuffle alone on a scale of 1-10 I give it a 9. Rating the video for overall lack of detail I give the tutorial a 5.
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