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  1. Summary: Quite simply some of the best notes I've come across. That may sound biased because I'm a Sean Fields fan, but take into account hat I'm a fan BECAUSE of his notes.

    What you get: 7 effects and 1 sleight - a billet peek, which ties into one of the routines.

    In detail:
    20 B-Low - Borrow a bill from someone, have them sign it, then place it on a glass table. Wave your hands over it, and their signed bill penetrates the glass, actually stuck to the underside. Many people have praised this effect, and it is indeed clever.

    Aquatic - Borrow a water bottle and a penny. You take a sip from the water to show it is a normal bottle, re-cap it, and then rip the label from the bottle to give a clean view of its contents, showing it empty. You then take
    the penny and melt it into the bottle with only a brief second of cover. Just as easily, you press your fingers to the bottle and pluck it right back out! Offering to do it one more time, you place the penny on a table and slam the bottle down onto it, causing the penny to pop up into the bottle and nestle on the bottom. You then return the bottle to them. This one requires proper timing and angle management. If you've got a favored CIB, Aquatic may not replace it. However, it does provide a slow penetration as well as a quick one, both under impossible circumstances, and all with borrowed items. It greatly improves on CIB concepts already on the market today, and the ability to put the coin in, pluck it right out, then slam it right back in is a fun visual treat.

    Iced Up - Show a bottle of water, and even take a sip to prove it's normalcy. You give it a nice sideways display so everyone can see the water, then you take it and blow across the top of the bottle, instantly causing all the water inside to freeze. This is fun and fantastic to watch, however you can't borrow the bottle and due to the nature of the trick, you can't carry the bottle around with you. You'd have to perform this at a party or somewhere where the bottle can rest. It's not very practical in concept, but the method to it is solid and very simple. Save this one for when you're at home and someone wants to see something.

    Excised - We all know Sean Fields does geek magic well, and Excised follows the tradition. Borrow a necklace and swallow it, showing your hands and mouth clean, then proceed to dig into your stomach, causing blood to spurt and ooze out, and pull the necklace straight out. Your stomach is then rubbed and shown fine, except for a few bloodstains. Excised is gory fun, and makes clever use of a common magician's gimmick. However, the type of necklace you can borrow is restricted by your particular gimmick, and certain necklaces just won't work at all (those with big charms or pendants usually won't help). However, such situations are rare, and most necklaces I've come across work perfectly.

    FU2 - a torn and restored card. The card is taken from a borrowed deck and signed, and each piece is restored piece by piece. Your hands can be shown clean throughout the performance. The instructions here are very complicated, especially with no visual aides, but it's a neat T&R. It probably won't replace your T&R of choice, but if you're not happy with what's out there, it's good to know about.

    Taste-icular - the show-stopper of the notes. This effect is worth the price of the notes alone, and the method is extremely devious. When someone asks to see a trick, show them this. You borrow a water bottle and have its owner (or anyone, really) take a sip to verify its normalcy. You then have them take another sip, but this time hold the water in their mouths and swish it around - suddenly, the water turns to mouthwash while in their mouths! They can taste it. You have them spit into a cup, and the liquid is clearly green, minty mouthwash. Offering to do it again, you take the bottle and give it a single up and down shake - in a split-second, the entire bottle does a flash transformation into green, minty mouthwash! This is a killer effect, and what makes it so good is how out of the box it is. When people are expecting a magic trick, they aren't expecting something like this. It seems so impossible, especially since you're borrowing the bottle, and... it's just great. The gimmick is small and easily transportable, as well as cheap to make (around 12 dollars if you get fancy with the supplies). There's an additional prop you can by to make your gimmick stronger, but it's really expensive, and not necessary. However, you will need to tweak the gimmick to get it just right, which means you'll go through a lot of practice water bottles. The good thing though is, when you make one gimmick, it's reusable pretty much forever, just requiring minor repairs every so often.

    1337peek - a very clever little billet peek. I prefer peeks to center tears, myself, so I'm all about trying out new methods. You'll need a sort of small billet for this (I typically use index cards and I don't think 1337peek would work with them, for example), but it's such a cool, powerful way to read the entire billet.

    Ultimate Epic - a reworking of the classic effect. One person thinks of a place, another a person, another an action. The billets are written down upon, and the performer makes his prediction, sealing it inside of an envelope, repeating the process for each three participants. The envelopes are handed out and found to match the thought of place, person, and action perfectly in a humorous sentence "I don't think PERSON could ACTION in PLACE," or anything you want. Then, the performer calls attention to an envelope that is pinned up high on a nearby wall - it is opened, and it to contains a correct prediction. This is fun one, one that gets your audience involved and lets them laugh. It does require the help of a friend, but that friend could be anyone, not necessarily a magician with a knowledge of working sleights.

    1337 notes contain great effects, great versions of classic effects, and provide insight into another side of creativity. It really gets you thinking about what all you can do with some of those gimmicks you've got laying around the magician's drawer. Taste-icular alone steals the show, but Excised is fun and a reaction getter, Aquatic is a versatile CIB, and 20 B-Low is an impossible-seeming bill trick that's just plain clever. I fully recommend these notes for anyone looking for something a bit different or a new way of performing trusted effects.
  2. I think his X-rated notes had better routines on it. I wish he would of put pictures on this and sold it as a booklet.
    FU2 hurts my head to understand.
  3. Wow those sound pretty great
    Iced Up and Taste-icular soound pretty damn cool
  4. I am having trouble finding this

    where can i purchase it?
  5. His website's all that I know of - however, it appears to be down for now.
  6. It depends, really. I found quite the opposite to be true. There's no denying that both have useful stuff in them, but X-rated is aimed at the mentalist, whereas 1337notes is aimed at the magician. As such, I found X-rated's stuff to be a few fun utility devices, but otherwise sort of on the weak side. Just difference of opinion, though. Either way, as long as some magic is being performed somewhere, it can be whatever tricks you like ;D
  7. Robotsunshine-
    Go perform materialism with ESP cards or PARANORMAL RESEARCH CARDS (meaning 30 random symbols you make up that look paranormal).

    Materialism was one of the strongest close up effects that I have ever performed. I was at hard rock cafe performing for the staff when interviewing for a magic job their and freaked the HECK out of everyone.
    I ended up turning the job down though.

    North of the border is my center tear of choice as well!
    Elite notes do have good stuff on them though. =)
  8. Oh, I can imagine. With the right presentation, it's downright scary. Not to mention Bloody Mary. In fact, off I go to review X-rated!
  9. can you do tast ticular with any bottle? or is there a bottle switch?
  10. No bottle switch at all. It is their bottle.

  11. and how about iced up?

    Do you have to cool it?
  12. It's not able to be done off the cuff.

  13. my last question, thanks for all the help.

    does it have to be water there drinking?

    can I change it into something else besides mouthwash?

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