1857 Seated liberty quarter dollar

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by AceOfSpades2662, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. My brother found this in the garden outside our house I searched and found out one of these was sold for 170 $$ could someone let me know how much this would be worth I'm not really into coins so I would like to sell it and get some cards.:p
    It would be a big help,
  2. don't sell... yet

    wait a couple years when it will be worth much MORE

    Or I could take that off your hands...

    for you I will do it for free
  3. Yeah but do you know how much its worth now?
  4. You can just scan Ebay to find the median value of the coin you have, which appears to range anywhere from $5 to $60. Personally I would take it to a coin dealer to determine the value. No one is going to know the exact value until they see the actual coin.

  5. Condition: GOOD = $22.00 VERY GOOD = $26.00 FINE = $36.00

    All prices in U.S.D
  6. Yep, that's right. Real ones (not duplicates or anything) are selling on eBay for around $10-$20.
  7. i use 1887 morgan silver dollars for silver dream.

    Those and the walking libertys =P

    Just thought i could throw that in since we are talking about old coins

  8. Yeah cool ive seen them on hamie's website but where else can you get them and is silver dream worth getting? and also could someone explain the different coins and how they work from jamies website such as 3cm and the shells and all those just what they do and what effect they give.
  9. Not to give away too much, a flipper allows two coins to apear as one. a shell alows two coins to apear as one. 3cm or Triple Threat allows 3 coins to appear as 3, 2, or 1 coin. Then he's got all that c/s stuff.


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