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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by TRUNDY, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. Very excited to be here... Love the look ....
  2. Agreed...No other site out there could compare to this...
  3. I agree with you man !
  4. This place kicks ass, blows everywhere else out of the water. Then grabs a bazooka and fires at the remains.
  5. I agree, the layout is sick

  6. It does have a nice feal to it though ? doesn't it?
  7. um....


    but how does this differ from ellusionist??

    with "high def" and great editing, and cool backround music, with thier own clothe line coming out, and custom decks, and 1 trick dvds

    i mean, its a great site, no offense, i like the look and everything

    and the tricks look AMAZING, but what changes you guys from ellusionist??

    i mean, im not here to bash theory11 at all, i will probably buy some things off of here....

    but i want to here from the makers of this project/ site and their opinions
  8. This site is really cool, fresh layout. It does have an E look and everything but they really vamped everything. I press F11 on my new 20 inch LCD monitor and wow.
  9. Something new

    first of all E has jacked up prices dammit :D..kidding..no offense to j.bayme though..he came from E...anyway..maybe the people are trying to look for something new rather than E has to offer..and theory11 is offering something new..and thats what im after..isn't everyone?..i mean we saw E can do and they did well and good..its's time for something new..its time for theory11...dont mind the background music and and whatnot...mind the new things instore for us looking for something greater..

    (things from buckbros., lee asher, and wayne "sinful" houchin?!...what more can you ask for?!)
  10. the artists maybe better, more world renowned, and more kick ass

    but how does that change the site FROM ellusionist???
    whats so "new" about this site other than the effects
  11. This site has nicer flash effects, take that.
  12. um, wow

    you got me
    *eye roll*
  13. Well there is more to come as time goes on, but a cardistry section in the forums (rock on) and a giant media system (formerly known as Decknique) are a couple that come to mind.
  14. there is one on one (not yet but in a week or so) and it's more underground (secretive) than ellusionist. Also great tricks by great magicians. (quality not quantity)

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  15. I'm having the same questions Guardian452 is having..what is the big difference..I REALLY hope it's worth closing down DN Richard..I really do..
  16. Closing DN is/was a very big step, i hope T11 brings all the best for us cardists!
  17. I think the vision behind this is very much to take what DN developed and improve upon it... It will be what we make it ... I believe we have the makings of something special here... A comunity that will be benificial to all who want it to be...
  18. how is it underground and secret if its on a website, just like ellusionist.

    im sure if ellusionist made 5-6 videos pretty much saying nothing except "tune in next week" then im sure they would have a lot of underground stuff as well.

    and what makes it underground and secret, if they sell it publicly on a website, looked at by at least 500 teens, witth their parents credit card in hand
  19. I think it's cool and all, but I see your reasoning behind what you're saying guardian and I agre that it is similar to both Ellusionist and the other magic supplier websites. I also though think that this place has alot more features and that when it's finally established, it will be a very interesting community to be part of.

    One thing that bugs me is why people continue to bash younger magicians? I don't understand why age has to have such an influence on a person's skill ability. Sure it does come into play in certain scenarios, but just because of the occasional drop of mud, does the whole pond need to be dirty? If you know what I mean...bad metaphore, but forgive me :)
  20. i believe most adult resent the "childlish behavior" in general, and not much against any young magicians of their age. and most simplified way of classify them is calling it "kids"
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