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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by TRUNDY, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. Yes, but I see far too many posts always bringing down the younger memebers for no reason at all. Just because we've seen youtube videos exposing tricks made by young people doesn't mean that everyone is like that. I dunno, maybe I'm too nice or haven't seen the worst of it, but t annoys me when members hate on a group of people just because of stuff done by others, it's alot like other stereotypes seen in our world.

    Like the way people look at "gangster clothing" or "homosexuals" and other controversial subjects so to say. This is a new forum and I've seen this discrimination on other places and wouldn't want it to spread here too, it probably will because alot of members are migrating from other places which share this view..but really I saee no reason to judge someone based on their age.

    Maybe I'm taking this arguement too far asnd I apologize for going off topic, but I felt I had to get my point across, this was in no way meant personal to anyone, just my opinion on the stereotyping I've seen...
  2. not a problem at all

    i personally think that almost all of magic is based on presentation.

    i perform effects like biddle trick, ACR, CCK, Spongeballs, sandwich effects, and some transpos.

    no magician foolers or anything fancy. but my presentation, im only 13 keep in mind, will also entertain adults, as well as kids.

    some jokes will go over the younger ones heads, but hey, they wont get it.

    so, i see nothing wrong with younger kids, since im only 13
  3. Alright, cool, I just wanted to make a point...and just spill my beans basically :D

    Because a rant has been building up inside me, guess it finally left me :p
  4. Yeh I think they did a great job with this site.
  5. E overprices their products their shipping is expensive an they overhype everything
  6. guys, lets drop the E vs T11 vs everything else arguments and let this die, it's been bumped and for not a very good reason either. Let's stop the comparison between the different companies, it just starts flame wars.
  7. This topic is going nowhere.

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