2 Minutes to Review Patrick Kun's Patrified

Josh Burch

Elite Member
Aug 11, 2011

Patrick Kun is one of my favorite magicians. His magic is super simple, visual and much of it is impromptu. This DVD is full of great material with a clean and clear Patrick Kun touch.

PK Double: This is a quick, one handed, knacky double lift. Patrick says that it is flourishy, this is true but the way that it is handled draws very little attention to it. It looks great but I think that most magicians and laymen alike would look at it and discount it as a nice way to turn a card over. It is moderately difficult but I was able to perform it a couple times just about perfectly just after watching the explanation. This will take some practice but it is well worth it.

Morf: 4 random cards are selected and they change visually into any four of a kind. This looks very good. You may be tempted to call this a production, a better description would be a 4 card simultaneous color change. The spectator is completely involved and they see a completely visual change. It is fairly simple to perform with just a little practice. He even includes an alternative ending where the aces change in back design as well.

DIY Aces: The spectator cuts to the four aces. This is almost self working, you will be performing this just about immediately. I have used a couple versions of this effect in the past but I think I might start using this one more often. It has got some great reactions so far. It has a simple set up it?s easy to do and I like the fact that the spectator can turn over the last card if they?d like.

Center Point Retouch: This trick was originally produced by Ellusionist and had a few different phases. Patrick has trimmed away the fat and cut it down to 2 visual phases. Basically a card is selected the two jokers are placed together in the deck and the selection appears with a pop in between the two jokers. The 2 jokers are placed in the deck again, the selection is tapped on the bottom of the deck and it melts up through landing in between the 2 jokers. Most the time sandwich routines are not creative and add very little to the classic plot. This is concise and visual. It is probably my least favorite effect on the DVD and is, for me, the most difficult. That said it is a beautiful routine and I can see myself using it. If you?re curious, the Download on Ellusionist has about 5 phases, so if you like this you might check that out as well.

Be-Tween Production: This is a knacky production of a selection from a deck, a way to produce 2 cards for a sandwich or a way to produce a card in between 2 others. The last application is by far the most difficult but in it?s other incarnations it?s not impossible. I was able to do it a couple times while watching the DVD, this will take some time to be consistent with though.

Inflict Evolved: Inflict was originally published on Theory11?s Wire. He has simplified it here. Basically a prediction is made and isolated in between 2 cards. A selection is made, replaced in the deck and the prediction is shown to be a joker. It then visually changes into the prediction. This is very good looking and surprisingly easy to do. I really like this, yes it is a sandwich but here it really feels like a visual version of the mystery card plot.

Snow Blind: This is a beautiful color changing deck routine. Patrick performs this with a blank deck. A completely blank deck is not provided but some gaffed cards are included to perform the routine with. If you don?t own a blank deck he also teaches a color changing deck with normal cards. This is not incredibly knuckle busting but it will take some practice.

So that?s the DVD. The only negative I can think of is that he refers to the magic as being impromptu, this is true for everything besides Snow Blind. It is rare on a multi-trick DVD that I look at everything and think that any piece would fit into my working repertoire. I have already added a couple things and will continue to add them as I become more confident. So despite the mis-advertising, I still will give this the best possible review I can.
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