2014 is here... My Magic Highlights from 2013

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    The last year has had some crazy performances, new illusions, and adventures! Here is a quick look back at what I have invented and performances I have done! I wanted to post the video here because you guys have been supportive and a few of you have come out and seen me perform! Thanks guys!

    I decided to start create my own channel on YouTube after I started getting random messages about my magic from the channel everyone probably thinks is mine.

    Here is my YouTube Channel. I'll post my work and updates to it when they happen!

    Happy New Year Everyone!
  2. OMG ! So great ! I love your Illusions they are so good !!! Btw Matrix levitation was insane .
  3. Thanks! I performed it at Fires Creek in Hayesville, NC 28904 at the top of the main waterfall during the summer of 2013. Shortly after I did during the fall I got to work for St. Jude Children's Hospital to perform for over 500 total kids. I really Recommend designing and performing publicity stunts (large 1 time illusions) like that to get your name out there!
  4. The video has been redone and attached to me YouTube channel. I'm just wanting to let you guys know it has been correctly linked in this post as well.

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