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  1. Reincardnation by Kris Nevling, Unripped by Gared Crawford, or Torn by DG? I'll set aside Mathieu's TnR for now, but can i have your opinions on these TnR's? Preferrably someone who has actually done these tricks. I know how to perform Torn but I've read some descriptions about the other 2 TnR's and they seem pretty good. I've been thinking of buying one of the two, although i already have Torn. I want to know which one of them is really suitable for street magic in terms of how practical it is, and how easy and concealable the method is. Pros and cons if you will. PM me if you think you'd somehow give away part of the method. Please help. Thanks!
  2. well i have only used in real performance 2 of these effects Reincardnation and

    obviosly TORN by DG and i know how unripped is done.

    I recommend using DG´s Torn cause reincardnation looks cool but i dont like the end , and unripped requires a

    large setup so go for Torn i think is the best out there.
  3. hey, yeah reincardnation is sticky to end, and preform in my opinion, but the concept it brilliant. I have a TnR of my own smally based upon this one.

  4. im sorry

    no offense to anybody who likes this effect..i did not care for TnR by mattheu i just think the gimmick is so hard to create some parts are unessasary and just for any one who likes fairly clean effects torn by D.G. but if you like tricks that you've never seen then by all means get tnr
  5. I would stay away from Unripped (No offense Gared...); the prep time is horrendous, and it ultimately accomplishes no more than Torn does. A friend of mine still curses the day he bought it.

    Now, between Torn and ReinCARDnation, it really just depends what you're looking for. I would suggest watching performances of each, and see what appeals to you most. ReinCARDnation definitely has some things going for it. It uses only one card, and has an extremely good angle range. However, the card cannot be handed out fully restored, though it can be handed out for examination at the 3/4 restored point.

    What I also would really consider are your performance conditions. I think Torn would be a bit more difficult to do "on the street", as you basically cannot have people at your sides when you do it. You can with ReinCARDnation however. But if you are going to be performing in a small, close-up setting, Torn would be the way to go.

    My advice? Get both Torn and ReinCARDnation. They are both great effects, and will serve you well in live performances, depending on the situation.
  6. I have Unripped and Torn. I'm going to get TnR sometime down the road because I'm looking to get other effects.

    Unripped is horrible, it is even painful watching the monotone explanation.

    Torn is easy, just a few steps to it. You just have to really get used to the angles though and that is about it. I actually performed this at my friends house to a few of my other friends, played out very nice.

    By the way, the setup for TORN is very small. I'm not over exaggerating either. The setup takes only about 10 seconds or less. Which I would consider TORN impromptu because in the definition of impromptu it says little or no setup. And torn is so little I really consider it a impromptu effect.
  7. TORN, personally, I don't have Unripped, but everyone else says it sucks, and Reincardnation, is absolutely terrible! It's unnatural and it isn't good at all, the ripping and restorations are horrendous! It's no better than PH's ultimate rip-off, which is much better.
  8. The only one I have out of those three that I have is Torn, and I highly recommend it. It doesn't use any gimmicks, and looks great. Although you may want to do some more research on the other products, but so far it seems like Torn is the way to go.
  9. The only thing I hate about TORN is the beginning on the extra thing.
  10. umm you guys left out the best one
    in my opinion the best is fire in the whole
  11. Yeah, there is a tad bit of prep on Torn, but it should only take you about 30 seconds each time, and if you make 4-5 each day and put them in your pocket, you could instantly repeat the effect 4-5 times in a row.
  12. You should check out my reviews for FiTH and FOUR, they are some of the best TnRs you will see to date.

    Cheers, Tom
  13. Well I think you should look into Huron Low's T&Rs... Either that or go with Torn, is pretty clean, easy and simple.
  14. Torn is amazing but you end very very dirty
  15. TNR Stuff

    I have played with many of the TNR effects I love torn and did it inmy show for long time now. How ever I am now using TnR by M.B. as it looks just like magic, you may end dirty with it but the specs are two amazed to follow. The only ones I have not worked with are Hurons TNR stuff.

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