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  1. Dear All,

    This is the first Thread i post.

    Please Watch My Card Trick & Enjoy.


    You may tell me that i have marked the card or that the deck is a gimmicked deck but i am deadly serious that no such things.

    Waiting your comments.

    Best wishes to All

    Mummy The Magician
  2. As I have had to say on all my responses in this section of the forum, I have no sound, so my critique is purely visual. We believe you that it is not gimmicked or marked, I could tell you ten ways off the top of my head to accomplish that impromptu. Your handling of the cards is beautiful, very natural, precise. That is something that few people really develop until well into their career in magic.
    As to the trick itself, I wish I could hear what you were saying. However, from a purely visual standpoint, I do not care how unbelievable a trick is, no one wants to watch you deal cards around a table mid trick. Ever. If you have gotten good reactions while doing it, it is because your spectators buried their annoyance. It is both boring and annoying to watch someone deal out packets, much less the whole deck. Outside of a gambling routine/demonstration, you should never do it. You should never deal the entire deck, no matter the situation.
  3. Many Thanks for Your reply.
    This Trick does not use any slight of hands or any techniques in dealing the cards, the annoying thing about dealing the cards into piles small piles is just to confirm for the audience that the cards are disturbed and shuffled , but the nice effect in this trick is in choosing the right pile that has the selected card in and also knowing which card it it within the remaining cards.
    Sorry for you to felt bored while i was dealing THE cards but many thanks for your advice.
  4. What resources do you have?
  5. Dear God, this is some of the weakest magic I've seen in my life!
    This is youtube-kindergarten-preschool magic!

    It appears you have a good method to do this - good for you!
    But remember, it's not about the method, it's about the effect!

    This was technotrance-cardpiling, and it simply wasn't magic at all.
  6. @ TylerRouss- gonna go ahead and 100% dissagree with you.
    First off he didn't question how many alternatives to his effect you claim to know so there's no point in trying to pump your tires up there
    Second it's rather close minded and absolutely false to promote the idea of never dealing out an entire deck. Given this situation it is boring, I agree with you. However this is because (if you had audio) you would see that there is no patter. I argue that given an entertaining and senseful patter than there is no reason why you should not be able to deal out a full deck.

    Finally! My opinion is generally the same, the effect is pretty generic and I would encourage you to develope a patter to compliment it.
  7. I was not trying to talk myself up, but instead talk him down. However looking back, either motivation is pretty poor. Thank you for calling me out on that, I apologize. As to dealing out cards, I speak in generalities when trying to get a point across. It is definitely not never acceptable, however I think the case is extremely rare when a trick looks better with any sort of dealing or counting than without it. Without a doubt there are some exceptions though, especially dependent on the patter as you said.
  8. I loved this trick and I had also watched youtube kindergarten preschool magic video. Thanks for sharing.

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