About THE THING THAT NEVER WAS coin holdout

Oct 12, 2021
Regardless of whether it is an amateur or a professional product, may happen that what you get ain’t exactly what you expected.
Sometimes is a good surprise, sometimes no.
I saw a video on a fb page for coin magicians and I got curious about THE THING.
The ditching was effortless, quick and without bending the fingers, and the guy unloaded the coin in such a smooth way that I was really amazed.
So I started following him on instagram until the release of the instructional video and, considering the money spent on magic tricks that was advertised as the latest big idea, I decide to give it a chance.
And what an incredible surprise!
I went through the video smiling all the time, the idea behind THE THING is simply ingenious.
Basically what you get are the instructions to build as much holdouts as you want spending less than what you would spend on a coffe, the mechanical principle and how to use it, with some little nice routines.
Each holdout can be loaded with one or two coins, but using just one for me is safer and give you the possibility to adjust it in order to hold coins of different sizes.
The ditch is incredible, easy, clean and with no great misdirection required, and the unload of one o more coins is easier and is the best for closing routine with your hands empty.
You can wear it in a lot of places on you, according to your movements, and wearing different types of clothes.
Don't seems so safety but once you try it you can really understand the way it works and how safety it is.

And I think there is much more to come up with THE THING, ideas to discover, different ways to use it.
I’m really amazed. Bought it for curiosity and now ready to give him the credits he deserves.
Sounded like a simple homemade idea, but what you get is something far beyond your expectations, and I believe the mind behind THE THING is not so amateur as he tries to sell.
If anyone else around here got it, let me know what you think about it.
Oct 12, 2021
Forgot to insert some links where to take a look at THE THING at work:

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