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  1. (I usually try not to make reviews this short, so sorry in advance)

    This is a review for the Amazing Materializing Signature created by John Rivav, and Joseph de Leon. It is sold at

    The basic effect is, that a card is selected and is signed on the face. That card is placed on a table. The top card of the deck is turned over, then down on the table. Do whatever magical jesture you'd like, and then the signature magically transposes from the selection to the other card. This is extremely stunning!

    What you get with this is 2 sheets of instruction, and 4 gimmicks (2 red and 2 blue). When I first looked through the gimmicks, I saw a regular card and thought "why is there a regular card here?". Then I realized the gimmick was attatched to that card! That's how invisible it is! The gimmickes are very easy to make if you lose them. The routine is nicely thought you, and only uses one sleight that you should know. It is very easy to perform, and the signature really is on the other card! The spectator may keep it as a souvineer. You will come up with some great additions for this routine after you try it out. It is very versatile.

    I higly reccomend this, it is $22.

    Buy the Amazing Materializing Signature now!

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