an idea using the nolap switch

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by john carey, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Here is a little quickie I just put together while foolin around with The great Derek Dingles nolap switch.

    What makes this in my opinion interesting is that the mechanics are used to ditch cards instead of switch em.

    Have a card selected and controlled to fourth from bottom using an under the spread control.

    Shuffle retaining its position and say that you will take 4 chances to find their card.
    Begin a hand to hand spread and outjog any 3 cards from the upper two thirds of deck and when you get near the bottom, sight and outjog the card fourth from the bottom-the selection.

    Square up deck and cant these cards over to eleven o clock as per Dingles sleight.
    Right hand takes deck in overhand grip as the left hand strips out the four cards.

    As you strip out these four cards you will find it an easy task to take a pinky break above the bottom card of this packet-the selection.

    Right hand then comes over packet as in the nolap switch but in this application secretly steals the upper three cards of the four card packet and immediately follows through and down to the table and ribbon spreads the deck.

    Build it up then bring right hand over to the left hand and press palms together and then reveal that four cards have become one or should i say been absorbed into one-the selected card :)

    Thats it guys.

    Take care


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