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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by MagicSanj, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. That looks incredible, I wouldnt use it though because my focus isnt in flourishing, but that looks like one amazing DVD.
  2. It's 17th already, the countdown begins!
  3. Anaconda = Awesome
    Eye Cut = Awesome
    Gensis = Awesome

    It seems to me that this is the most epic cardistry Summer yet. ;)

  4. Over Hyped.
  5. umm

    This product is way over hyped as said. I joined there mailing list as I was interested in the online event of magicians and cardistry guys getting together and all it really was, is a way to hyped there dvd and send you emails that dont tell you anything and make a crap load of claims.

    They make alot of claims like 72,000 price tag for the production of the DVD.

    Im sorry I just dont believe that, Ive been involved with producing and marketing magic effect/DVDs for many years now and just dont see this possible or even feasible.

    I thought Devo was the King of Hype but at least he lived up and beyond his hype.

    This is just silly......
  6. this is Standard Operating Procedure in the magic industry. nowadays, everything that everybody ever comes out with is the most incredible amazing career-making great deal for a limited time. i wish someone would just; make some custom cards, or, put some material on a DVD and let the customer decide themeselves! the more they say their ish is the bomb, the less I believe it.
  7. Why do you guys have to be so practical about things? Why can't you just let those who are excited be excited. You should know it's not just the content that makes people excited, it's how it's packaged. This event has been beautifully packaged, and I'm excited for it. If De'vo can't even show his face, how am I supposed to respect him?

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