Angles with many spectators and misdirection

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  1. Hello i would want to ask question about using misdirection while performing for many people. I am yet a beginner and i know that when you do sleight you should first focus on the cards, and when you do the sleight you look up. My question is, do i have to wait for spectator to raise his gaze too? or he is so distracted that even when looking at cards he can't see anything?. And my second question is this type of misdirection work on many people on different angles, for an example someone sitting on the left side of me.
  2. You don't need to start by looking at the cards. Just find an excuse to distract your spectators. Best thing to do is make them interact. For example, lets say I need to catch a break under the second card. I might gesture with the deck to a spectator, and ask his name. If there are multiple, I might ask them all. Any form of question will work. Just find a natural, calm moment to do the sleight. Good luck! (This was a relatively vague answer, I can go further in depth if you need it).
  3. The two things that help me misdirect are:

    1.Ask a question/say their name
    2.Make eye contact.

    Works every time!
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  4. Except if its your family >_<
    Always remember to say something stupid if its your family.
    The other day - I literally stopped midway in my performance to my super dirtbag-of-a-spectator uncle because he wouldn't stop grilling my hand, pointed at a window said "Is that an eagle?" and did the sleight when he turned around.
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  5. questions and eye contact are perfect, of course without forcing too much their reaction, like staring at them in he eyes in a weird way or start asking everything about their lives ("are you left handed or right handed?" is the best question ever even if we never care about the answer). One more thing I do if the person in front of me keeps on watching my hands is telling them "Why do you stare at my hands that way? Don't worry! If I could really make that card jump on top you would see me on television" or something like that; if you don't take yourself that seriously, people will lose the need of catching you doing something. Make the tension decrease and when everyone's laughing, you can seriously do whatever you want.
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  6. Okay but when i look at one spectator, does everyone else get misdirected and look at me too?
  7. People will generally follow the focus of the leader of the room. Learn to be that person.

    Misdirection (or, more appropriately, direction) of attention is a skill that can really only be learned over time through focused practice during performance. The key is to create a presentation that is engaging and interesting which leads the audience to pay attention to the thing you want them to pay attention to.

    You also need to be able to do the dirty work without giving it any attention yourself.
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  8. Another tactic that I had to learn to do (the hard way), is start out with a simpler trick, gauge who is purposefully trying to burn you, and then modify accordingly. But if no one is trying to burn you, then there's no need to complicate things by using any of the above tactics.
  9. There is no such thing as misdirection. There is only direction. The direction of the audience must be developed with the structure, design and presentation of the effect. Asking inane questions isn't direction, it is distraction.
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  10. People are only suspicious with reason. Act naturally and have some balls when performing. Practice until you can use sleights passably, don't panic if your execution isn't perfect and they don't notice and just risk doing it. Angles are very good and when staying calm means you are burned less as no one has a reason to be as suspicious of you
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