Animal Kingdom: a bit of a disappointment

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Elok, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. So the other day (right before I left for a weekend vacation) I received the deck of animal kingdom cards I ordered. First impressions were not the best... to say the least.

    I opened the box and dug around in the packing peanuts until finding the deck. When I pulled the deck out I noticed right away that the cellophane wrapping had been torn rather largely across the front. This was unexpected, I assumed that paying almost four dollars for shipping on one deck of cards would see it safely to me.

    Once I opened the actual tuck case and pulled out the cards I saw that the deck was indeed worth the $10 I payed for it. The cards slid perfectly across one another, the colors were rich, and the designs flawless. But then I saw that a couple of the cards were warped (keep in mind that I have only overhand shuffled at this point, I haven't bent the cards at all). This was very disappointing. I mean, I have heard that T11 is really good quality. And I payed $14 going on $15 for one deck of cards....

    For what I do with cards (not much cardistry as I am still trying to get my first few flourishes down) the warp doesn't effect me. I was able to flatten the cards (with some heavy objects) and it is good now. I want to find out what happened with these cards. Is T11 quality declining? Or was I a fluke.
  2. Sometimes accidents happen. It could've been rain for all we know. Maybe it got cut in the process of putting it in the box.

    You should contact the TXI team. I clicked on the support tab, and one of the FAQs was this:

    Tell them exactly what you said here, maybe go into more detail.
  3. I thought about that. But I didn't want to possibly have to go through the process of sending them back, paying again for shipping, and trying to explain everything. I will see what they say.
  4. Most of the time, they just send you a new one, without you sending the old one back.
  5. I don't really want them to do that either. I mean, so far I have been able to work with it. I just want to call this out so they can fix it if it is a problem on their end.
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  6. Ok no probs! Its your call!
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  7. I apologize if I sound contrite or ungrateful. I am just trying to work out what I should do.
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  8. Elok, I am sorry that this happened with your deck. Have you contacted Support yet? I do not work in the shipping department, but I am sure Customer Service/Support will take care of you as long as you have made them aware.
  9. Yes sir. They are helping me work it out. Thank you for your help!

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