Annoying click

Aug 24, 2021
I recently bought a virtuoso deck and after using it for a few days it got a click in it and the deck is no longer flat and it Won’t go back to its original shape I’ve been washing my wands storing it in a cool and dry place and making sure to bend the deck in both ways. I have been stacking heavy books on it and leaving it for a day and it is still not back to original shape and with the click still there. How do I fix this?!


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Jul 25, 2015
It's caused by the cards absorbing moisture from the air. The edges absorb it first and expand while the inner part does not. It depends on climate. In Seattle I just have to wait a couple days after I open the deck for it to reach an equilibrium.

It sounds like you need a card clip, they help as well.

Also, search card click for old threads on the topic in these forums.
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