any ideas?

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  1. So I've got some spare cash and was wondering what the would be the best effect to buy (like good )
    Any help appreciated.
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    If you are looking specifically on the Marketplace, I'll just shamelessly plug myself and biasly recommend No Pressure if you are into general organic magic. It was even featured on Theory11's Exposé :

    If not your style, there is plenty of other strong magic and cardistry effects on there. Happy hunting!
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  3. Thanx for the comment comment tough im more of a advanced card /mentalist guy and was looking more in that direction (though "double cross" looks cool as well so...)
    But thanx
  4. I'd spend more money on books and learn those effects before I by individual tricks, but that's just me. Mentalism isn't my forte, but if you're looking for tricks I recommend looking on the wire, it has its own mentalism section. I'd also recommend Spidey's work and the new SvenPad, but I'm not heavy into mentalism so I don't know if there is better stuff out there.
  5. If I may make a "shameless plug" haha I would be happy to recommend any of my downloads in the marketplace.

    Here is a link to my marketplace tutorials:

    Just scroll down past the BIO, downloads are at the bottom of the page :)

    For a less biased effect idea, I may suggest "odyssey." It is an awesome ring effect and looks super visual!!! For card stuff, maybe take a look at some books or DVDs if you would prefer something that is more advanced and not so cookie cutter? :)
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  6. For mentalism my top recommendations are Steam 2.0, Psypher 2.0, SvenPad X Astronomical combo (as performed on Theory11's YouTube channel), and Kolossal Killer. Anything by Peter Turner, Patrick Redford, Luke Jermay, and Colin McLeod is also a safe bet.
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  7. Thanx for the replies
    Really appreciated
  9. I would Defenitely get double cross or break. I personally love regeneration by Blake Vogt it is my favorite effect to perform gets amazing reactions. If I were you I'd wait a little because lots of new things come out during this time of year so I'd wait and see what comes out.
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  10. Yeah feel free to pm me at anytime.
  11. I'll second regeneration if you are looking for a fun gimmick to mess with.
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  12. Torn and restored transpo is a great trick. I just got it a week or so ago. You need to put in the work but the effect is awesome .

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