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  1. Has anyone bought Inked yet? I think its a relativly new release because I havent heard of it. It sounds pretty cool. It is being sold on by the same guy that did Holy Grail. So does anyone have any more info on this or a place where i can see a demo?

  2. Ok so I went ahead and bought it. I usually wait to see a demo but there was a description of the effect and what it can do and does not. In words it sounds really good, so it was more of an impulse buy. Got my fingers crossed! You can view that thread here:

    I also pmd Jordan about the demo and he said it should be up today or tomorrow. As soon as I receive the DVD I will post a review.
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    Hey Ryan,

    Just thought I would let you and all the others know that the demo for Inked is now up and running. It is demo number 04 on the video viewer located at the top right of the home page.

    Jordan Johnson

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