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  1. Hello Everyone.

    I came here once again for some advice, as you guys are always great for it.

    With Christmas coming up. Christmas parties and Corporate parties will be held just about everyday of December. I would love to get an opportunity to be hired in for some of these parties. And also leaving a good impression to maybe get a job at one of these places a couple of nights a week year around as hotels and restaurants are my main target.

    Things I need to know please:

    -How do I make my first contact? By Email, Phone or in person?

    -If you could give an example of what I could say please.

    -Is a Duty Manager high enough to be dealing with? Or should it be General Manager or Owner?

    -How dressed up should I be the first time meeting with the Manager?

    -What things MUST I do and say?

    -What things I MUST NOT do and NOT say?

    Thanks a million in advance.
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  2. The very first thing that comes to mind is (sorry to say): You are too late for Christmas affairs. Most organizations have already booked and scheduled their events. So you may be fighting an uphill battle trying to get any attention.
    There is always the chance you will be that lucky guy who calls just after the main entertainer called to cancel. But that is NOT something to count on.
    Of course, beginning your plan for NEXT YEAR you can start with some 'exposure' and publicity. Make "a name for yourself".

    My 2 cents and I expect change back.
  3. Hello Graham! Great questions. There are millions of different ways to answer each question and of course some work better than others for different people and events. It really depends on personal preference, however i'll give you some basics on how I would do it.

    -How to make first contact: I would suggest mailing out pamphlets or promo material of some kind. Then a week later call and follow up.

    -"Did you get my pamphlet?" If they say yes, then discuss your performance. If they say no, offer to discuss what was in the pamphlet (either way you are getting them to talk about your product.) Then set up a time to meet with them in person so you can demonstrate and answer their questions. Try to avoid long drawn out phone calls and try your best to schedule a time to meet. The meeting itself only has to be 15 mins or so.

    -General manager or owner. Whoever the final decision maker is. If they say it is corporate you may as well walk away because you will be given the runaround big time on the corporate level. The idea is to talk to the decision maker.

    -Dress like you are going in for a job interview. Business casual at the least. A suit is preferred.

    -Offer a demonstration of your services and the reason why you are offering them. 9 times out of 10 entertainment is the last thing on their mind. The reasons should be ones that make you worth their money.

    -I would avoid being too pushy or sales pitchy. They will instantly shut down to that.
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  4. Recently read The Approach by Jamie D. Grant (Look him up) the book literally will answer all of those questions that you just posted. Good luck sir to your future endeavors!
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