Archangels Card Stock

Jun 2, 2013

I was wondering if the card stock on the Archangels are actually any different vs a standard Bicycle deck sold in most local stores.

I'm deciding between Archangels and Bicycle Gold Standards.
Dec 1, 2012
USPCC only has one roll of paper "stock" at the plant. But it doesn't mean all USPCC cards feel "the same." The printing process adds variables each time. Even a gold standard deck printed 3 years ago will feel different than one printed today.

But, USPCC has consistently shown their card quality as a leading card printer. Back in the day this question had more relevance when there were a lot of garbage decks on the market, but now with the rise of the hobby and the competition between companies - most decks people "chose between" feel great.

The only time you need to ask about card quality - would be from a printer "you've never heard of" or when you don't know who made it.

Even MPC (who is based in China) is now printing decks that rival USPCC and Cartamundi.

As long as you own a deck or two from Taiwan Printing Company (who makes Experts and Legends) USPCC, Cartamundi, and maybe KEM, you'l always have a basic reference for how their cards feel and brand.
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Jul 6, 2019
The arcangels I have feel consinderably crisper and are a bit thicker than most of the standard bikes I have on hand. But yeah it really varies a lot between print runs.
Aug 26, 2019
Just bought the Bike Arch Angels. Read the fine print and discovered they were designed by T11. Hmmm , T11? Never heard of them. Now I'm posting on forums . Go figure...
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