Are my cards too stiff or am I just a wimp?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Scorpono, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. I just got a deck of cards today and the are Aristocrat Club Specials. They come from the Grand Lodge Casino and the have been played before but they look brand new. I am just trying to dribble and I am unable to and I have also been trying to fan them and only about 15 fan out and the rest just stay in a pile. What am I doing wrong? Please help. (Also sorry if this is posted in the wrong place)
  2. I think the problem you're running into is that since those cards have been played with before at a table, they're carrying grime from the hands of the players and the casino itself, which is in turn causing the cards to clump. I'm not sure that there's much you can do to make the cards easier to work with since it sounds like the majority are stuck together quite well in the sense of being able to flourish the deck. You could try to wipe the backs and faces of each individual card on a clean fabric surface to try to reduce the clumping, but I don't know that that will make a huge difference.

    Personally, I never buy casino decks that have been used prior for a game at the casino as my experience is that the decks never fail to be clumped and downright impossible to work with.
  3. Well if you can't dribble them then it seems clear that they are stuck together. Personally I find it a bit confusing, a deck would have to be glued together for me to not be able to dribble it anymore. So if you can't even dribble it the problem is pretty clear. It's either lack of skill which I cannot learn from your post, or they are ridiculously stuck together.
  4. Its good to have stiff cards... breaking them in will result in sticky cards! :(
  5. Breaking in a deck won't necessarily make it sticky if your hands are clean. However, if you break the deck in with dirty hands and place them on greasy surfaces, naturally they'll become that way.
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