Are the S&Ms v5, Traditional Cut?

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  1. When I opened my Smoke and Mirrors (that I got from D&D, still waiting for my t11 ones :( ) they wouldn't faro the normal way, or could I do a one handed shuffle.
    So are they Traditional Cut, like the Gold Seal Bicycles?

  2. The only cards I know of that have traditional cut are gold seal and 809 mandolins.but I could be wrong
  3. and the expert at the card table playing cards from the conjurer arts center.
  4. U mean the green erdnase bee stock cards?
  5. Huh, thats kind of wierd. I find traditional cut cards faro better then regular cards...
  6. Traditional Cut cards faro the oposite way than regular cards. Which is why they are good for table faros.

  7. I'll be darned...v.5s don't faro that well at all. Huh? But then I checked the v.4s and found that they are not great at faroing out of the box. They do well once broken in though. Maybe you just need to break them in a bit. I realize that doesn't exactly answer your question. I actually find the EATCT Bees from D&D faro better than the Erdnase cards from Conjuring Arts. You sure the CA Bees are traditionally cut?
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    Also the Phoenix cards (the cardshark ones, not the other Phoenix cards) are all traditionally cut.

    I don´t think trad. cut cards faro better.
    I faro from the top to bottom. With traditional cut cards the cards has to be face up for an easy faro (face down doesn´t work for me). Non-traditionally cut cards are the other way around. They faro easier when the faces are down in my in-the-hand faro(and that´s the reason I prefer them).
    The funny thing is in my last brick of standard bicycle playing cards, I´ve had two decks which faroed like traditional cut cards.
    Quality management is inadequate and needs to be improved in several ways.
    And that´s the reason I would never depend on advertising.
    Try it out with some faros and you´ll see how the cards are cut.
  9. Actually traditionally cut cards are cut so that they WILL faro face down. Thus making table faro's easier. It would seem that the V5's are not traditionally cut, as with most decks. However, having broken them in, the cards handle so much better and they faro any direction you please.

    A quick way to get over the faro issue is to get a nail buffing block, and use it on the edges of the cards. It will smooth the edges and make the cut even. You should have no problem faroing after that.

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    I haven´t stated the opposite. All I can say is the way I do the in-the-hand-faro works better with the non-traditionally cut cards (I`d like to think that the standard bicycles 808 are (well most of the time) all non-traditionally cut, no ?!). 'Better' means the cards are face down. The faro itself isn´t easier or harder for me with both cards.
    I don´t do table faros.

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